Upcoming Events


Jan 27-28, 2018 National Policy Summit, , "Addressing the Adult Learner"Lake Buena Vista, FL 

Lou is presenting data from the NCCBP, "Continuing Education Divisions Provide Adult Education Opportunities."

Feb 6-8, 2018 National Skills Coalition Skills Summit, Washington, DC 

Lou is a member of the National Advisory Panel on Postsecondary Education and will be attending their meeting.

Feb 11-14, Texas AIR, Corpus Christi, TX

Michelle and Lou are presenting a workshop, "Exploring the Benchmarking Institute's Projects".  Michelle is presenting a session on the non-credit module of the NCCBP, "Looking at the Bigger Picture: Non-credit Benchmarking Project." and Lou is presenting a session on "Say Goodbye to the America Dream" using the social mobility data from the The Equality of Opportunity Project.

Feb 25-28, SACCR Annual Conference, Savannah, GA

Michelle is presenting Using Benchmarking Data for Accreditation and Benchmarking Program Costs.

March 18-21, Innovations 2018, National Harbor, MD

Lou is presenting "Move Your Benchmarking from an Exercise to a Strategy."

Apr 6-10, HLC, Chicago, IL

Lou will be presenting along with Kankakee Community College and Metropolitan Community College on "Using your data for Accreditation".










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