Save the date: May 5-7, 2020


Every year, the National Benchmarking Conference attracts a wide range of participants, from institutional researchers and executives to national and regional educational policy decision-makers, who gather to learn more about benchmarking best practices. After much consideration and due to several key factors, the National Higher Education Benchmarking Institute has decided not to host the Benchmarking Conference in 2019.

This year, the Benchmarking Institute partnered with the University of Wisconsin – Stout to launch an exciting new project: the University Benchmark Project, which focuses on collecting benchmarking data from the four-year sector. Benchmarking Institute staff have focused on developing this project as well as conducting the search for a new director after Lou Guthrie’s retirement. Given these important commitments, the Benchmarking Institute staff has chosen to concentrate on providing quality customer service for existing projects and to furlough the conference for 2019.

With an expected hire for the director’s position to start in late spring, please look for a revitalized conference in 2020 as the Benchmarking Institute concludes the celebration of its fifteenth year.


John Clayton
Executive Director for Institutional Effectiveness, Planning & Research